Monday, April 22, 2013

Lying to your kid

Hey mommies,

Do you lie to your kid(s)?? Well I do. I try to be as truthful as possible, but there are just times you gotta lie to your kid just to get them to do something or not to do something.

Most of the time it's trying to make my son eat, followed by, taking him to wash his poop, making him go to sleep, or to let go of running around with that pencil he found somewhere and a bunch of other things.

So some of the usual dialogs would go something like:

1. Old newspaper (doesn't work anymore)

For some reason when he was around 1-2 years, those "Old newspaper, paper lama, kakaubochik (??)" lorries would scare him. So, that would be the bait for me and it worked. "Luqman, cepat makan nasik ni, kalau tak old newspaper datang" And I'll start singing "old newspaper" together with the honking/siren. And if I was lucky, in this case, if Luqman was unlucky, the lorry would pass by at the right time. Haha. But, it doesn't work anymore. He began to understand, there's nothing to fear.

2. Police / lipas / tikus / cicak / zombie or hantu

These are the usual suspects used against Luqman. Do they work? Depends on the situation. Sekarang ni not so much. The best thing is he now uses those things against me. Here's an example where he uses hantu.

Haha. Other instances he'd go like "Nanti police tangkap Ummi!" etc etc.. I'm pretty sure most of you go through a similar experience. I actually am not so keen on this scare/lie method, because I'd rather use positive reinforcement like "Ha, nanti Ummi beli toy / bagi gula-gula / bawak gi jalan-jalan" stuff like that, but that isn't as effective.

Also, the hantu thing pon to me isn't so good to make him believe in that. Yeah they do exist, alam ghaib and all, tapi there are other better things to use instead of hantu. So I avoid using that to scare him. However, when there are hantus on TV, I don't close his eye or distract him, I tell him to look at them, and I go, "Luqman, look hantu OooOoOOo" jokingly, so I don't want him to fear such things. So I guess why that's in this Keek above, he dares to say hantu is baik. Haha.

The creepy crawlies too like lipas. I don't want to make him afraid of 'em, nanti besar asyik takut lipas je. Dahla he's a boy. Good thing I don't fear those insects, so whenever I see one, I don't mind going close and telling Luqman, "See Luqman, nak takut apa, tak jadi apa pun kat Ummi?". However, in deperate cases I do use lipas/tikus/cicak when he's really stubborn and doesn't want to sleep. I'd act all panicky, like "Luqman, Luqman, bunyi apa tu.... Ummi nampak apa tu?!" and I'd go silent for a while (dramatic pause), then I continue "Eh, Ummi nampak lipas la kat situ, dia datang nak tengok Luqman sebab dia dengar Luqman bising-bising taknak sleep, Ummi takut, Ummi nak sleep". And I close my eyes, and pretend to sleep. For now, it works.

Please do share your tactics. Do you lie to your kids? Or do you have other ways to convince them to do/not do things? Please do share. I might be able to try it with Luqman.

Much Love, Anna


  1. my #1 is about 1 1/2 y.o... kids these day very determine and know what they want..huuhu payah! but whenever i said...'ok. bye! mummy going bye-bye' or if you didn't sit down properly..mommy going to send you home with grandma' and also teach her what a real scolding...then bila dia start her antics..i just said..' you want mummy to scold you?? it works wonder! but for few minutes (-_-) will do for me to have time to take a piss

    btw! luqman soo cute!

    1. Ni baru I duk berdebat dengan dia. He wanted to buy a toy gun he saw on YouTube like sekarang jugak. Haih, taktau macam mana nak pujuk dah. Susahnya bila sekali dah dapat apa dia nak, mulalah dia nak demand. Hoho. But kinda reminds me of me, sebab I pon kalau nak mesti tak sabar nak beli secepat mungkin. Hahaha.

      Tulah, kids these days are getting smarter. How many kids do you have?

      Thanks. Haha, Luqman can really brighten up my day, tapi bila tantrum tu. Uihhh, sebab baik hang comel Luqman. Haha.

  2. just found your blog..nice one
    I am a mommy of 2 1/2 y.old girl. I dont really use scare tactics, instead I divert her attention into something else for example if she's being stubborn I would ask her if she could get me the jigsaw puzzle we bought for her. divert her focus la mostly.because i hv to manage my own anger jugak. haha

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  3. hahah funny how he did the same thing to u! With my baby girl, its 'Kalau nak ikut daddy pegi kedai, makan sekarang..'. or, 'nak tengok upin-ipin kena makan.', yaa bribery la kiranye hehehe. Works all the time but of course I am sure one day it won't work anymore.At times,tak payah pujuk, just cook her favourite and memang tak dan habis masak, she's already hungry. Just the matter of time kot, once he's older it'll be easier to get him to do staff without menakutkan or bribery?

  4. Thanks for sharing this. All I can say is how much we change when we become mums. Even if it means telling 'little white lies' ;)
    Came across this which pretty much sums it up.



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