Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friso Gold JourneyCam App

Hey all you moms (and dads). So ho ho, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted up anything. But I am here to bring you some awesome news. I am pretty sure all you mommies love taking photos of your little ones riiight? Lagi-lagi dengan smartphone, and can instantly upload online, it’s just too tempting not to take photos during precious moments of growing up together. So we can capture those moments and keep them for browsing and sharing with family and friends. So yay for technology yo!

And, for all you who just love love love taking photos of le kids, I would like to introduce you to the Friso Gold JourneyCam App contest! So whaaaaat is this JourneyCam App? Vell, it iz an app where you can turn your photos into video. Whoahhhhhhhhhh. Ahmazing. Scuse my excitement cause it really is amazing.

The best bit is, that Friso Gold is running this contest using the app. Contest starts from 19th August – 15th September. So mommies (and dads), come on now, do join this contest. Cause, not only you get an awesome video out of your photos, you can win some super duper great prizes.

(Weekly Prizes X 80) – 1st 20 participants each week will receive a personalized photo album
(Grand Prizes X 8) – 3D2N stay at the luxurious Westin Langkawi Resort &Spa for a family for 4 ( 2 adults & 2 kids), include outdoor experiences*

So whaddya have to do? Simple. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 : Like Friso Gold Facebook page

 Step 2: Upload 7 photos, from FB album or desktop

Step 3: Customized frames & include captions

Step 4: Complete registration form

By using the app during the contest period, it will automatically enter as a contest entry. Users can also opt to download the video once completing all steps.

Tadaaa you’re done! So easy riiiiggghtt? So for those who participate please do share with me your videos! Nak tengokkkkk. Alright, if you’ve any questions, just shoot, and I’ll try to assist wherever I can. Oh and do spread the word. Sharing is caring! Daaa

Much love, Sue Anna Joe, The Excited Mom.


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